Pic Solution’s AirEasy On Nebulizer



  • 2 Soft masks for adults and children
  • Medical cup
  • A mouthpiece
  • Mask connector
  • Connection tube
  • USB Type-C connector and USB lightning

Pic Solution's AirEasy On is an innovative, wearable aerosol device. Thanks to the innovative mesh technology, it offers great practicality. AirEasy On is Pic’s first all-in-one aerosol device: its design makes it lightweight and wearable, so you are free to work, study, play, cook and move around during therapy. Furthermore, AirEasy On is so quiet you will not be annoyed by its sound. New-generation mesh technology offers a greater performance by decreasing particles to minimum size which allows for a deeper reach in lower airways. In addition, AirEasy On can be conveniently powered using any USB device (smartphones, tablets, power banks, etc.), which can be used during the therapy. AirEasy On features a chamber to hold medication, 2 masks (for adults and for children), a mouthpiece and a USB powered control system with Type-C and lightning adapters.


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