Omron MicroAir U100 Mesh Nebulizer



  • Efficient treatment when and where you need it
  • Portable, pocket-size and battery operated (2xAA)
  • Silent one-button operation enabling discreet use
  • Efficient medication deposition into the lungs
  • 360 degrees operation. Inhalation possible in any position.


  • Main Unit
  • Main Unit Cover
  • Medication container
  • Mesh Cap
  • Mask Adapter
  • Mouth piece
  • 2 Batteries(AA)
  • Child and Adult Mask(PVC)
  • Soft Pouch
  • Instruction Manual
  • Quick Setup Guide

The Omron MicroAir U100 is a small, portable nebulizer that helps to efficiently treat respiratory conditions from a simple cough to asthma.

The battery-operated MicroAir U100 is compact, travel-ready and easy to reach for whenever you need it. The unique mesh technology makes it more efficient and more comfortable to use than traditional nebulizers. It is virtually silent and the unique design enables usage in any position. Even while lying down, making it more comfortable for smaller children.


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