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Care Pharmacist

The Care pharmacist’s primary responsibility is to ensure that clients’ medication therapy is optimised. This involves one-on-one consultation with clients, proper medical information documentation and regular follow up. They would also work with the media team on health promotion campaigns and community outreaches.
Therefore, they expected to have excellent communication skills and be able to work with others in a multidisciplinary team.

Overview of Duties

  • Manage and deliver excellent patient-centered pharmaceutical care services by identifying, preventing potential, and resolving existing drug-related problems 
  • Conduct point-of-care tests and screenings 
  • One-on-one consultation with clients
  • Document all processes related to patient management 
  • Work in collaboration with other healthcare providers and undertake responsibility for patient outcomes with respect to their drug therapy
  • Work with the media team to publish health promotion and disease prevention materials, including health outreaches and awareness campaigns
  • Manage online health promotional platforms. 
  • Deliver care pharmaceutical services to the homes of patients who require such services
  • Build client- pharmacists’ relationships with appropriate and  consistent follow-up
  • Provide any other pharmaceutical and health-related services as may be assigned

 Qualified and registered pharmacist with most current annual license to practice issued by the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria
Proficient use of Microsoft Word and Excel
Specialization, experience or interest in clinical pharmacy is preferred.
Exceptional customer service skills
Relevant training and certifications would be an advantage.

Intern Pharmacist

The Intern Pharmacist will get experience in dispensing and supplying prescription medicines under the supervision of the registered pharmacist. You’ll also be involved in maintaining and improving people’s health by providing advice and information.

You’ll also help sell over-the-counter medical products and instruct people on the use of medicines and medical appliances.

You’re expected to have excellent communication skills and be able to work with others in a multidisciplinary team.

Overview of Duties

  • Provide a full compliment of pharmaceutical services in a community pharmacy setting with work flow model that allows excellent patient care
  • Process prescriptions and dispense medications under supervision of registered pharmacist
  • Counsel patients on medications and general health issues
  • Guide clients on over- the- counter medication use and respond to symptoms, based on clients’ request
  • Provide accurate and unbiased drug information services to patients, other healthcare providers and the general public
  • Manage and deliver excellent patient-centered pharmaceutical care services
  • Provide health promotion and disease prevention services and programs, including but not limited, to health outreaches and awareness campaigns
  • Manage the pharmacy operations by supporting the mission, vision, and values  of the organization
  • Coordinate and supervise other pharmacists, interns and support staff (pharmacy technicians sales assistants and cashiers)
  • Keep records and perform other administrative task
  • Provide any other pharmaceutical and health related services as may be assigned

Qualified pharmacist who has recently completed Bpharm or PharmD with exceptional communication skills and willingness to learn.

Multimedia Designer

Multimedia is a combination of different content forms like text, audio, photographs, animation, video or other interactivity forms. The communication/multimedia designer uses their knowledge and technical skills to develop multimedia presentations with an aim of educating and entertaining the target audience. 


The communication/multimedia designer produces designs that get messages across to the target audience with high visual impact. Graphic design is a huge part of this position. This is the combination of art and technology to communicate ideas through images and the layout of websites and printed pages. They may use a variety of design elements to achieve artistic or decorative effects. The main responsibilities include graphic design, photography, video production and illustrations. They work in a creative group to produce interactive multimedia content in accordance to their client’s needs using computer-aided design packages.


Overview Of Duties

  • Developing concepts and graphics for print, social media campaigns, holiday greetings, and websites to create an exciting, engaging, and interactive online experience
  • Converting some write-ups for into illustrations
  • Create health promotional videos for campaigns and websites. 
  • Collaborating with logistic teams to communicate with external printers when necessary to ensure deadlines are met and material is printed to the highest quality.
  • Capturing (by photographing) events during company outreach programs for social media, campaign and website use.
  • Taking high quality photographs for promotional and website use depending on needs.



  • Knowledge and skills in graphic and multimedia design and layout
  • Photography and video editing  skills
  • Experience working with Canva, Adobe photoshop, Illustrator and other graphics software. 
  • Excellent in working with teams and independently
  • Responsible and the ability to meet deadlines
  • A strong visual and creative sense
  • Ability to provide original work
  • Capacity to handle more than one project simultaneously
  • Excellent knowledge of computer and various software tools (especially photoshop)
  • Confident and smart to deal with the clients
  • Strong technical aptitude to learn new software and hardware
  • Ability to pay attention to details and be well organized
  • Knowledge of the industry and new technologies