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Web Interaction Specialist

The Web Interaction Specialist is an energetic individual with extraordinary attention to detail
who will be responsible for online product management, online sales, online sales promotion,
customer support, and reporting. This individual will work closely with the sales,
communications and logistics departments to support smooth and efficient operations.

You will drive e-commerce growth across digital selling platforms and manage digital brand
presence on the website. This role provides strategic direction, execution and implementation
for website and online sales activities.

Therefore, your communication and problem-solving skills must be close to perfect as you
would be constantly relating with customers and potential customers.

Overview Of Duties
● Responsible for sales & digital marketing initiatives including Search Engine
Optimization (SEO) that bring customers to the site.
● Manage communications with customers with regards to e-commerce, and other online
forms, connecting clients to appropriate resources and scheduling appointments when
● Constantly uploading products to site, as well as clear and attractive photos of products
while maintaining store inventory and update product information/availability online.
● Monitor and report performance from ordering to delivery and develop strategies to
ensure a more effective process accordingly.
● Analyse trading performance and make on-going recommendations to the business.
● Manage communications with customers as regards anything pertaining to e-commerce,
and other online forms.
● Work with back office function e.g. IT, Logistics, etc. to ensure both sales and operation
are integrated to meet customer satisfaction.
● Work with Web Developer to maintain and improve its functionality and performance to
be up to date to consumer’s behavior.
● Work with Communications Specialist to promote online sales


The Web Interaction Specialist will be interacting with customers and potential customers daily,
representing the brand and all it stands for. Therefore, you will be REQUIRED to attend several
trainings across the year. These trainings will be COMPULSORY and scheduled well ahead of
time so that you can clear your schedule.



Must have AT LEAST a High School Certificate. Your computer-use proficiency will be also
tested. If you really think you’re up to the task- please apply! Interest and experience in web
development, blogging or e-commerce would be a plus.


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