Mister 8 Octopus Nebulizer For Children



  • 1 adult mask
  • 1 child mask
  • 1 nose piece
  • 1 mouth piece
  • 1 tube
  • 1 Pic Acti Fast Pro cup.

Pic Solution Mister 8 is a fun piston aerosol from Pic that’s convenient, quieter than ever and specially designed for children.

Its child-friendly design makes nebulising easier - its unusual octopus shape, subtle colours and mischievous expression appeal immediately to children, even the older ones, 3 to 10 years of age.

The small piston pump inside means that Mister 8 is compact in size, reducing both the noise and duration of the therapy session, guaranteeing a higher performance.

The Pic Acti Fast Pro cup that nebulises the medication 11% faster, delivering quick and targeted therapy.

Everything is designed for added convenience: the storage compartment and drip tray for the accessories, the ergonomic handles and the integrated cup holder make the whole process of nebulising simple and quick.


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