What to do for a victim of heat stroke:

Call for medical help!!! (Do not give the victim fluids or water)

While awaiting help you may do the following:

  • Move the person to a shaded, cool area and remove outer clothing. You may give a cool (not cold) shower or bath
  • Cool the person quickly, using any of the following methods:
  1. Spray the person with a garden hose
  2. Place cool wet cloths on the skin
  3. Soak clothing with cool water
  4. Fanning, to speed cooling while misting with cool water.
  5. Placing cool wet cloths or ice packs on the neck, armpits, and groin.
  • Continue efforts to cool the person until emergency medical services arrive or temperature falls below 38.9 and stays there

What to do if you suspect heat exhaustion:

Cool your body by:

  • Taking cool, non-alcoholic beverages
  • Resting
  • Taking a cool (not cold) bath, shower, or sponge bath
  • Moving to an air-conditioned room
  • Wearing light-weight clothing

Seek medical help: 

Immediately, if symptoms are severe or if your heat problems or blood pressure is high.

Extreme heat can be dangerous, 

Take caution  

Take care of your health.

Seek help if you feel any symptom of extreme heat.

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CDC website: Infographic: Avoid Spot Treat: Heat Stroke & Heat Exhaustion. Infographic: Avoid Spot Treat: Heat Stroke & Heat Exhaustion | CDC

Mayo Clinic: Heat Stroke: first aid. Heatstroke: First aid – Mayo Clinic

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