Easy Rapid


Pic Solution is an intuitive automatic digital arm-type blood pressure meter. Its innovative DLS design uses the latest-generation Rapid Tech - Comfort Experience technology for early measurement during the inflation phase.

Rapid Tech - Comfort Experience, which carries out early measurement during the inflation phase, offers you a fast, comfortable result. Also, Easy Rapid is simple and intuitive: all Pic technology in 3 buttons, for worry-free measurement.

Apart from its speed and simplicity, Easy Rapid's features make it suitable for all uses. The single touch of a button quickly and automatically starts and ends measurements.  A heartbeat monitor informs you of any irregularities, and a graphic display shows changes in blood pressure levels in real time. Easy Rapid also automatically calculates the average of the last 3 measurements and, thanks to its memory, which stores your last 60 measurements, enables you to create a useful clinical diary.

Easy Rapid and its comfortable, soft cuff are contained in a practical carry case.



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