Mobile Rapid Wrist


Mobile Rapid Wrist is Pic’s first wrist monitor that can be synched with your smartphone. Compact and easy to wear, and convenient to take with you, at work or on holiday, it’s an innovation that doesn’t just let you measure your blood pressure, you can also monitor it right on your phone.

Digital and automatic, it stands out for its compact size and ergonomic design that are characteristic of DLS (Design Language Solution).

Rapid-Tech technology measures your data as soon as it starts inflating, making the result easy and quick.

The large back-lit display allows clear and instant reading even outdoors in low-light. It picks up irregularities in the heart rate and the graphic display keeps you updated about your blood pressure levels. On top of that, the Mobile Rapid Wrist memorises 180 results split into two areas.

Last, but not least, thanks to the Pic Health Station App, it converts these measurements into complete and continuous monitoring of your blood pressure with data and diagrams that are easy to see and manage on your smartphone, and even share with your doctor via email if you want.

Mobile Rapid Wrist is Pic’s monitor that syncs with smartphones that have the Pic Health Station App installed, which allows you to save your blood pressure stats, see your data at any time, and do a weekly or monthly average of the results. But above all, it creates a valuable diary for you that’s clear, simple and always up-to-date. It’s readily available for when you talk to your trusted doctor, at any time and no matter where you are.

The Mobile Rapid Wrist comes in a small case that’s easy to take anywhere, with two AAA batteries inside, so it’s ready to use.


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