VitaCed Multikids Effervescent Tablets



VitaCed Multikids is a dietary supplement that contains a unique combination of 10 essential vitamins for a healthy growing process and well-being of children. VitaCed Multikids boosts immunity, enhances activity and body strength and also enhances mood and well-being.

It contains these active ingredients:

  • Vitamin B2- Riboflavin promotes the production of of healthy red blood cells in the body. It also assists in energy production and a healthy digestive system function.
  • Vitamin B3- Niacin assists in energy production and promotes the normal function of the digestive and nervous systems as well as in the maintenance of healthy hair and skin.
  • Vitamin B5- Pantothenic acid assists in the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. It also helps the body make red blood cells and adrenal hormones that regulate metabolism, immune system and blood pressure.
  • Vitamin B6-Pyridoxine promotes healthy brain development in kids. It is also connected to chemicals like serotonin and nonrepinephrine which help regulate mood, normal body function, and stress responses.
  • Vitamin B12- Cyanocobalamin assists in the formation of red blood cells and promotes a healthy nervous system.
  • Folic acid supports proper growth, brain development and red blood cell production in children.
  • Vitamin E boosts immunity and protects the body’s cells.
  • Vitamin C boosts immunity, builds stronger and denser bones and maintains tooth enamel.

Dissolve one tablet of VitaCed Multikids in a glass of water and drink once a day.


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