Tynor Compression Stock Below Knee



  • The yarns used are strong, durable and dermophillic . The product has a long functional life and offers excellent aesthetics due to colour fastness.
  • Offers effective compression, uniform reduction of compression from bottom to top and effective blood evacuation.
  • Offers more comfort at the heel and effective blood evacuation. The design also reduces wear and tear and makes the product easy to wear.
  • Grants snug fitting and uniform compression.
  • It comes in different sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, and prices vary with sizes.



Tynor Compression Stocking Below Knee are designed to provide controlled compression to the legs to prevent abnormal backflow of blood towards the heart caused by blood pooling in the legs. The compression of the superficial veins makes them stronger and prevents varicose veins from forming on their outer walls.


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