Rossmax Peakflow Meter PF120A Nebulizer


  • Compact, lightweight and portable
  • Built-in flexible three –zone management system
  • Easy- to- read numbers
  • Measurement Range 60-800 L/min
  • Accuracy and repeatability assurance
  • Suitable for use with disposable mouthpiece
  • Design for adults
  • Washable
  • EN ISO 23747 : 2009 compliance
  • CE approval
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Rossmax Peak Flow Meter (with color coded indicator) is used to measure peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR), an important indicator of your lung function. Peak Flow Meter should be used for monitoring respiratory conditions such as asthma. Taking peak flow measures every day and keeping a record of the peak flow measures in your “peak flow diary” can help you and your physician make important decisions about your treatment. You should use this meter and set its color zone indicators according to a treatment plan developed for you by your physician. You can download the peak flow record chart at our website It is important to keep your peak flow meter clean when in use.


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