Hessco Wheel Chair



  • Reduce risk of falls due to weakness, balance problems, or nerve damage.
  • Decrease pain or fatigue caused by walking or standing.
  • Limit weight bearing after surgery.
  • Get around safely after anesthetic or when taking medications that cause drowsiness.

Hessco wheelchair is a chair with wheels for people who are not able to walk because of illness, injury, or disability. Pediatric cancer patients may use a wheelchair to get around more easily as they recover from surgery or illness. Other patients may need a wheelchair for long-term use to help with mobility in daily living. A wheelchair is usually recommended by a health professional. A physical therapist or occupational therapist can identify the best type of wheelchair to meet patient and family needs. Wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, and other mobility aids can increase independence and improve quality of life for both patients and families.


  • Ensure proper fit of the wheelchair by working with a trained health professional.
  • Always lock the wheels and lift footplates before transferring to and from wheelchair.
  • To avoid backwards tipping, do not place heavy bags or other items on the back of the wheelchair.
  • Do not remove anti-tipping bars from the rear of wheelchair.
  • Keep loose objects away from wheels.
  • When sitting in the chair, do not over-reach in any direction, as this could cause the chair to tip over.
  • Watch for curbs, inclines, and declines, and stay in control of the wheelchair.
  • Check wheelchair parts and have regular maintenance.


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