Tynor OA Knee Support Neoprene



  • Knee support provides counter force to correct varus or valgys thrust, allay pain. Also corrects mild to medium vaurs or valgus deformity on prolonged use.
  • ¬†Anatomical shape ensure good grip around knee and perfect fitting.
  • ¬†Rigid bi axial hinge provides good offloading action, free flexion movement and mimics natura knee joint.
  • Neoprene helps in better body heat retention, faster pain relief and appealing aesthetics.
  • Easy application & removal, four way stretch ability & compression, ensures no blood flow restriction. Its durable.

Tynor OA Knee Support (Neoprene) is designed scientifically to provide counter force to correct varus or valgus thrust along with some offloading action. It helps to allay pain within a few weeks of use. It can also correct mild to medium varus/ valgus deformity of the knee with a prolonged use. It offers the advantage of controlled compression around the knee and the rigid side support of a splint. It allows normal flexion and free movement of the knee joint.


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