Tocovid SupraBio 100mg 60 Capsules



Tocovid™ SupraBio™ 100mg taken 2 times a day, provides the optimum antioxidant nutrients plus the most superior benefits of Vitamin E, helping your body to protect against free radical attacks, reduces the progression of cellular aging, and protect your body’s vital organs like skin, liver, brain & kidney, for a better health and an improve in general well-being.

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Tocovid SupraBio™ is a patented formula developed by Hovid Malaysia – a pharmaceutical company producing health product to more than 50 countries in the world.

The Suprabio™ unique delivery system helps to increase and enhance the absorption of palm tocotrienols into our body up to 300%. It can reach into most part of vital organs like the brain, liver, skin and kidney, allowing the body to enjoy the maximum health protection.

Research report on Tocovid™ SupraBio™ at dose of 400mg daily includes:

1. Superior antioxidant, protect cell from free radical damage (60 times potent compared with Tocopherol) 2. Neuroprotection on stroke prevention & TIA (Transient ischemic Attacks) management 3. Cardioprotective properties that assisting cholesterol lowering and prevent development of plague in blood vessels 4. Tumour / anticancer suppressive properties 5. Promotes hair growth 6. Liver protection – reduction of Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Suitable for:

Usage as daily antioxidant and cellular protection health supplement to reduce cell damages at leads to accelerated aging of vital organs including the skin, liver, heart, brain and kidney.

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