The 30 Day Beauty Secret


The 30 Day Beauty Secret is a vitamin, mineral and herb supplement which is the secret to a radiant healthy appearance. It provides healthy hair, skin and nails for women with an indescribable glow that allows them to feel their best. Daily stress, pollution, and toxins are all common factors that can negatively affect our body and cause signs of aging. The ingredients in the 30-Day Beauty Secret have been shown to help the body fight those signs of aging with antioxidants, nutrients, and essential vitamins. Each daily packet contains ingredients that help to support the body's ability to regenerate and protect against those harsh environmental stressors. Along with those essential vitamins and minerals that you would see in a multivitamin, we've formulated this beauty supplement with antioxidants like Green Tea Extract, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Grape Seed extract, as well as ingredients like Keratin, Collagen, Gelatin and Calcium that help support supple skin, strong nails, and lustrous hair. Simply take one packet (three tablets) for a fast, convenient, all-in-one anti-aging supplement.



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