Mother’sbond Manual Breast Pump



  • Mimics baby’s sucking pattern
  • Easy to take apart, clean and reassemble
  • Small enough to fit into your purse/diaper
  • Noiseless when in use
  • Discrete during use, would not call attention to you
  • Flexible, you can pump anywhere
  • Affordable
  • 100% Safety checked.


  • 1 Breast pump
  • 2pcs of nipples
  • 2pcs of 150ml bottles
  • 2pcs of corks for covering when used for storing milk
  • 1 Dust cover bottle stand
  • 1 Nursing/pumping bra.

The Mother'sbond manual pump is designed to solve two main concerns breastfeeding moms have. First, to ensure baby gets the best nutrition through exclusive breast feeding while mom is comfortable and enjoys the expressing process. Secondly, to ensure she achieves this without compromising her breast perkiness and to avoid coming with saggy breasts. The unique design protects you from sagging and ensures you get the maximum quality of milk when you pump. If these two concerns are important  to you, then this pump is your best option.


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