Mamalait Granules


Mamalait Granules is a herbal formulation prepared from herbs which contain richest mixture of phytochemicals and  alkaloid, it is also a dietary supplement for pregnant and lactating mothers which helps in maintaining their infants. It has been recorded that nursing mothers silently suffers from inadequate breast milk to feed their babies while some women immunity has been compromised due to hormonal changes during pregnancy and breast milk is a natural and wholesome food for an infant owing to its health benefits. Thus, Mamalait Granules is a solution to all the struggles. Mothers are recommended to start taking Mamalait Granules after delivery and continue during the course of breastfeeding. However, for early benefits, mothers can also consider starting on Mamalait Granules two months prior to delivery.

The standard recommended dose of Mamalait Granules includes reconstituting one tablespoon (Approx. 10g) of granules in a glass of water, fruit juice or milk with stirring. Mothers are advised to take no more than 2 servings per day.

Mamalait Granules should not be reconstituted in boiling water or boiling milk.


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