Immuncare Multimultivitamin Plus Inulin


Immunecare Multivitamin plus Inulin is the ideal multivitamin to be used alongside every antibiotic therapy. It is the only prebiotic containing multivitamin which helps restore depleted flora & nutrients following antibiotic therapy. After taking antibiotics, essential nutrients are depleted and gut microbiota is disrupted. Multivitamins help restore these nutrients which have been depleted while Inulin helps replenish the good bacteria that are lost due to antibiotic use. Inulin is gotten from natural sources. Natural sources of Inulin include bananas, onions, garlic, artichoke, chicory, wheat and dandelion roots. When patients experience symptoms of nutrient depletion such as fatigue, tiredness, muscle aches/weakness and lack of appetite, especially after antibiotic therapy, it is a sign they need a boost with Immunecare Multivitamin plus Inulin.



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