Immunboost Effervescent Tablet



Immunboost Vitamin C effervescent tablet contains vitamin C 1000mg, and it is a high strength Vitamin C specially formulated to support the body immune function. It is needed to maintain and sustain healthy skincartilageteeth, bone, and blood vessels. It protects your body cells from damage by neutralizing free radicals and prevents oxidative stress. Immunboost Vitamin C Plays a role in collagen formation for normal function of the cartilage and to support healthy skin by fending off aging signs and speeding wound healing. It’s a strong antioxidant that strengthens your body’s natural defenses thus protecting the body against infections and other illnesses such as common cold/Flu, malaria, cough etc. Once-daily intake of Immunboost effervescent vitamin C 1000mg provides essential antioxidant support giving your body the support it needs to stay healthy always. It contains 20 orange tasting easy to take effervescent tablets.



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