Happinose Nasal Balm

Soothing nasal congestion relief with natural essential oils.

For colds, catarrh and hayfever.

Happinose can be rubbed onto the lips, nose, throat, chest and between the shoulders to help relieve congestion.



For adults and the elderly. Blow the nose before application. Carefully apply half an inch of Happinose inside each nostril using the little finger and inhale. If desired, Happinose can also be rubbed on the bridge of the nose, throat and chest and between the shoulders. Re-apply four hourly as required. If symptoms persist after 10-14 days, consult your doctor.

Children over 10 years. As above, but one half the adult dose.

Children 5-9 years. As above, but one quarter the adult dose.

Children under 5 years. Not recommended.

Happinose Nasal Balm is for external use only. Keep away from the eyes and keep out of reach of children. Hands should be washed after use



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