Firm Cervical Collar With Chin Support


Provides immobilization to the cervical spine. It supports the chin region more comfortably and keeps the neck in slight extension.

  • Adjustable in height to stabilize the cervical region firmly to immobilize the neck during injuries
  • Slight extension provided for chin support to relieve pressure from discs
  • Dye-molded plastic polymers offer a firm support largely preventing flexion & extension of the cervical spine
  • Special Round foam bonding provided for comfort
  • Vents provided for Air Circulation
  • Lightweight improves patient compliance


Cervical Collar will help ensure you feel relief from pain as soon as possible as it provides warmth and support to the neck region. It’s comfortable support stabilizes the neck and immobilizes the cervical spine restricting its flexion, extension and rotation. The cervical arch support maintains neutral alignment. This product has a special Support feature making it a close to customized choice.


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