Diana Fresh Royal Jelly


Diana Fresh Royal Jelly provides a pure and ultra-potent formula designed to achieve exceptional results. Uniquely encapsulated in its freshest and most natural state in order to optimally preserve its properties, the power of Diana Royal Jelly 600mg helps to promote and intensify youth, vitality and overall wellness. Feel the beautifying and energizing effects, both on the inside and out. With a perfect balance of Wheat germ Oil and Beeswax. It is to be taken one capsule each morning with water and contains 30 capsules.

  • Health: It is naturally abundant in proteins, B-vitamins, essential minerals, amino acids and enzymes. Royal jelly, for centuries has been highly sought after for its health enhancing properties.
  • Vitality: Diana Royal Jelly helps Boosts metabolism, stimulates blood circulation and offers a natural source of energy and enhanced potency.
  • Youth: Diana Royal Jelly contains naturally occuring anti-ageing elements which aid cell-production and regeneration, promoting healthy and youthful-looking skin, hair and nails.


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