Clear Rapid


Pic Solution Clear Rapid is an automatic arm-type blood pressure meter, innovative in its form and technology. Its design complies with the aesthetic and ergonomic principles of the DLS philosophy, while the Rapid Tech - Comfort Experience makes measuring fast and comfortable.

The Rapid Tech - Comfort Experience takes the measurement while the cuff is inflating and gives a fast, comfortable result. Clear Rapid is also comprehensive and quick, with the large letters and screen making it possible to read values even in low light: ideal for frequent detailed measurements.

Clear Rapid is designed for people like you who need close, accurate monitoring. The heart-rate monitor helps you to keep a close eye on your cardiac situation and identify any irregularities. The arm movement sensor gives you valuable information during the measurement. Finally, the graphic indicator updates you on the pressure level in real time. Clear Rapid also automatically calculates the average of the last 3 readings and, by storing 200 results organized into 2 areas, lets you create a useful clinical diary for 2 people or for morning and evening measurements.

Clear Rapid has a soft, practical measurement cuff and comes in a compact, comfortable case so you can carry it around with you from day to day.


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