Betaton Multivitamin & Minerals



Betaton is an all in one, multivitamin, multimineral formulation which helps relieve tiredness, promotes good health and keeps you energized all day.



Stress, hectic lifestyles, irregular eating habits and consumption of processed food increase our daily requirement for nutrients. Betatone softgel is specially formulated for adults, who need vitamins and mineral supplements for various reasons. It contains a combinations of 12 vitamins, 9 minerals (including trace minerals) and 2 lipotrophic substances, which are essential nutrient for normal functions and growth of human cells. It is a convenient way to ensure that our body does not lack essential vitamins and minerals.

Betatone softgel is specially made to its fat soluble vitamins in the body at a level, not exceeding the daily requirement. Thus, it will not result in excessive accumulation of these vitamins in the body.




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