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Victory Drugs Pharmacy has been truly committed to making you healthier and we are known for our outstanding services. 

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Get top quality products at affordable prices, professional advice and impeccable customer service, because you deserve it!

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We know life can get bust so we are more than happy to bring our services to your doorstep! Order your medications online. It’s so easy!


Got questions or concerns about your health? We’d love to listen, give you some medical guidance, and much more. 

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Being a community pharmacy, we offer exemplary retail pharmaceutical services- but that’s only a fraction of what we do!  We provide a buffet of services based on your needs and driven by our commitment to keeping you healthy.


Got questions about your physical or mental health? We’d love to listen and give you some medical guidance

Immunization Services

We work with your doctor to help you to identify beneficial vaccines and make them available to you .

First-Aid Kitting

Let’s help you pack your first-aid box with all you need to help prevent minor injuries from becoming major ones, or getting infected.

Medication Use Review

Let’s help you make the most of your long-term medications- minimize cost while improving your health. 

Community Outreach

We encourage the well-being of the community with health promotional activities and free health checks. 

Point of Care Tests

We can help you stay updated in your health status with Blood Pressure Checks, Body Mass Index assessment, Malaria Tests, and more.

Your Mental Health Matters!

We do not only care about your physical health; your total well being is our priority! If you or any of your loved ones have issues threatening their physical and/or mental health (including domestic violence, sexual assault or any form of gender-based violence), you can come talk to us! We provide professional, confidential counseling, and help point you in the right direction .

Family Planning

Did you know that proper family planning protects the health of the woman and gives your children proper spacing? Here at Victory Drugs, we help you ensure you get access to preferred contraceptive methods for women and couples.

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