Let's Discuss Your Health...

Consultation Services

Got questions or concerns about your health? We would love to listen and give you some medical guidance.Here are the services we offer:

Point of Care Tests

We can help you stay updated in your health status with Blood Pressure Checks, Body Mass Index assessment, Malaria Tests, Glucose level and Cholesterol tests. 

Medication Use Review

Were you placed on a medication you can’t afford?

Are you having difficulty taking your medications as prescribed?

Do you have prescriptions from more than one doctor at a time?

Do you think you may be reacting to any of your medications?

Do you have concerns over any of your medications?

Do you suspect that your medications are not addressing, adequately, all your medical conditions?

Would you want to know more about your medications, herbs or supplements?

Are you taking medications, herbs or supplements not prescribed by your doctor alongside your prescription drugs?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, let’s help you make the most of your medications and save you unnecessary costs while improving your health outcomes.

Immunization Services

Vaccination helps protect against the occurrence of vaccine-preventable diseases (such as measles, mumps, chicken pox amongst many others) as well as the complications of these diseases. Getting immunized is important to protect yourself as well as those around you. By reducing the spread of these diseases, the risk of contracting those too young to be immunized is also reduced. Our goal is to achieve a healthier version of our community where everyone is safe from vaccine-preventable diseases.


We do not only care about your physical health; your total well being is our priority! If you or any of your loved ones have issues threatening their physical and/or mental health (including domestic violence, sexual assault or any form of gender-based violence), you can come talk to us! We provide professional, confidential counseling, and help point you in the direction 

Family Planning

Did you know that proper family planning protects the health of the woman and gives your children proper spacing? Here at Victory Drugs, we help you ensure you get access to preferred contraceptive methods for women and couples.

First Aid Box Kitting

You can’t predict when you may get a cut or bruise but you can be ready for it. Let’s help you pack your first-aid box with all you need to prevent minor injuries from becoming major ones, and wounds from getting infected. First-aid boxes are also a great place to store your medications.  

Drug Advice/Information

Do you know all you should about your medication? Information such as how to use, what time of the day is most appropriate to use, foods that should be avoided when taking certain medications amongst other necessary information could be provided for you. In Victory drugs, we make it our responsibility to keep you well informed about your medication.


Did you or any member of your family have a bad reaction to a medication? You may call us to help you report it to NAFDAC. 

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