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Community outreach programs

We organize Community outreach programs because we are serious about achieving a healthy society. With these programs, our goal is to discuss common health issues, encourage healthy habits and identify undiagnosed or poorly managed conditions for adequate intervention. Programs typically include; FREE health checks, educational programs, and health talks. 

School Educational Programs

It’s never too early to start learning how to take care of yourself and your environment. In fact, several studies have suggested that children can learn good habits (like maintaining good hygiene) early as 24months.  Therefore, from colorful, fun parties to intense interschool competitions, we design age-appropriate programs that teach minors how to stay healthy – and we always come with the two most important learning tools: gifts and snacks! 

Free Health Checks

Several times throughout the year, we offer free health checks including Blood Pressure measurement, Random Sugar measurements, Body Mass Index, abdominal girth, HIV test, none diagnostic breast examination using Breast-I device, depending on the theme of the programme. The aim of these programmes is to identify undiagnosed or poorly managed conditions for adequate intervention which may be referrals or counseling.

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