One fun thing you can do to keep yourself going this period is to try new recipes – and if cooking is not your thing, you can just make smoothies. They are very easy to make!

Who says eating healthy has to be boring? Smoothies are fun ways to incorporate fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods into your diet without them seeming “uninteresting” or foul-tasting.

What’s a Smoothie?

A smoothie is a thick and sometimes creamy drink made from a blend of fruits, vegetables, water or dairy products such as milk or yogurt. They are healthy drinks that can serve as a nutritious breakfast because they provide a balance of nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fibre and healthy fats.

Healthy smoothies :

  • can help boost your Immunity
  • are a great source of antioxidants
  • can help maintain a healthy weight
  • aid digestion
  • prevent dehydration
  • improve skin health
  • can help detoxification

Here are five nutritious, tasty and easy to make smoothie recipes:

1. Pineapple Smoothie

Ok, let’s be honest – pineapples are one of the best gifts of nature – and if you can get your hands on some pineapples and milk (almond, soy or coconut milk), you can make your taste buds dance! To make this, cut the pineapple into chunks and blend together with the milk. You can add ice for a cool and refreshing smoothie. Blend all the ingredients until you get your desired consistency.

2. Spinach, Grape and Coconut Smoothie

Oh yes, spinach! For this surprisingly tasty smoothie, you would need spinach (popularly called efo tete in Yoruba), seedless grapes, coconut milk and ice (optional). Before you begin, be sure to wash vegetables with water, salt and vinegar. To make this smoothie, put all the ingredients in a blender and blend until you get a smooth consistency. Pour in a cup and enjoy. Seriously, try it!

3. Banana and Cashew Smoothie

If you have never thought to combine bananas and cashew nuts in your life, you’re missing out on this nutritious delicacy! Get yourself some bananas, unsalted cashew nuts, honey(optional sweetener) and ice (optional). Firstly, soak the cashew nuts in clean water and refrigerate overnight. Drain the cashew nuts and blend together with the other ingredients until you get a smooth consistency.

Mango Smoothie

If you are not the adventurous type, this simple mango recipe is for you! The needed ingredients include mangoes, yogurt/milk, honey (for sweetening) and ice (optional). To make this smoothie you will need to skin the mangoes and cut them into chunks. Then blend together with the yogurt/milk, honey and ice until you get the texture you want!

Ugu Smoothie

Ok, we admit, this one sounds crazy – but it might end up being your favorite drink. You never know till you try! So do it! Before you begin, be sure to wash vegetables with water, salt and vinegar. Get yourself some chopped Ugu leaves and boil for 5 minutes (it is always safer to cook Ugu before eating). Allow it to cool (for about an hour). Then, add your favorite fruits (could be banana, apples, oranges, etc.), non-dairy milk (soy, almond, coconut or tigernut milk). Finally, blend all the ingredients together until you achieve a smooth consistency.

Be careful not to use any ingredient that you or anyone drinking may be allergic to.

Smoothie making is also a fun activity you can try with your family and also teach your children to make (with adult supervision) to keep them occupied. It is a healthy substitute for snacks also as it is quite filling. At a time like this where it is very important to boost our immunity, smoothies are a great way to do so.

Don’t forget to protect yourself by washing your hands regularly and using quality hand sanitizers. Also make sure you strengthen your immune system with immune boosters like Vitamin C, Immunace and Reload Immunity.  If you don’t have any of these you can visit our website and chat with us by touching the green circular icon at the bottom right corner of your screen. You can also call : 

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Stay safe, Stay home!