Folasade Olufunke Lawal is a seasoned community pharmacist based in Lagos. She is the founder and CEO of Victory Drugs, Festac Town in Lagos, which she has successfully run for 26 years. Driven by her passion for a healthier Nigerian populace where patients have access to highest quality of Pharmaceutical Care, Folasade has selflessly carved a niche for herself as a model professional Patient-focused Pharmacist.
Being a pragmatic advocate of rational drug use and inter-professional collaboration within the healthcare team, she has developed strong collaborative platforms though which she engages all members of the healthcare delivery team. This has led her to develop a number of innovative solutions to help bridge the wide gap in the Nigerian healthcare delivery system.
Some of her innovations are
· You and Your Pharmacist: A patient focused health education magazine which educates them about their medicines
· The Patient Medical Diary: A Diary specially developed for patients to keep track of their medical records and to promote collaborative patient care
· ACPN Referral booklets and Prescription pads: This encourages inter and intra professional collaborations and proper documentation
· ACPN Patient files: A case note document to help pharmacists properly clerk patients
· Social media driven health education videos to address issues of public health concern such as Malaria and handwashing.

Folasade has the served the PSN and ACPN in various capacities. These include
· Chairman, Association of Community Pharmacists (ACPN) of Nigeria Amuwo Zone, Lagos 2001-2003.
· Chairman, Drug Information Centre (DIC), ACPN National, 2006-2015.
· Editor, Drug Bulletin 2006 to 2015.
· Editor, You and Your Pharmacist [2009 to 2015].
· Member, PSN Education Committee of 2007- 2008
· Member, Editorial Board of The Nigerian Journal of Pharmacy (2011-to date)
· Desk Officer, PSN WHO Health concern days 2012 to date.
· Vice Chairman, Public Health Pharmacists Association of Nigeria July 2013 to date.
· Member Education Committee of Pharmacy Academy, May 2014 to date.
· Clinical Coordinator, Pharmalliance, Nigeria’s Premier Retail Pharmacy Business Network.